We safeguard consumers as well as businesses and their customers by providing highly secure, paper and document shredding. We ensure that you are in total compliance with the protecting of the privacy of others as well as fulfilling your Federal and NYS document Destruction laws obligations.

Notary Service

We are fully licensed in New York State to notarize your documents.  We offer traveling Notary Public service for a nominal fee.


All shredded documents are recycled.  Proceeds from our paper recycling program go to Jackman Kidz, a subsidiary of The Jackman Foundation, a NYS 501 (3)(C) not-for-profit organization.


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Things to Know

We are Mom Owned.

We are are Mom operated.

We are Mom approved.

Therefore, if you call and there are children laughing or talking in the background, just know that we are rearing strong minded children with strong work ethics and more importantly love and affection through non exclusion.